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marți, 5 octombrie 2010

For my followers!

I want to say hello to all my followers, for supporting me daily and I hope you like what you are seeing on my blog. Today is my first day at college and is a very important day for me. I`ll study  at the Faculty of International Relations and European Studies for 3 years and I want to become "someone" to go in other countries to learn new things that will help me create a career. I have great thoughts for the future and I want to put them together to help me create a fair way. During my college courses I`m unable to support you but don`t worry, I will make it up to you as soon as I have time.

Something to make you forget that I`m missing :D

I hope you enjoyed

duminică, 3 octombrie 2010

Welcome to my blog !

I want to present my blog to you. I hope you`ll like all the posts you`ll see on these blog. I will visit all your blogs if I have time, I`m sure you also have a blog you can feel proud about. Also, I want you to give me some ideas about what you want to see on my blog. 

 Enjoy visiting my blog.. I`ll do the same.